Discover the wonders of San Telmo and the Dragonera Island Natural Park.


Natural spaces, walking routes, historical heritage, beaches of great beauty and facilities for the practice of water sports are some of the attractions that Sant Elm offers its visitors. Ideal for family tourism and to enjoy nature, Sant Elm has the privilege of having two places of exceptional interest: the Natural Park of Dragonera Island and the Natural Reserve of La Trapa.

Trecking / Hiking / Mountain Bike

Sant Elm or San Telmo, located on the seashore at the western end of the Sierra de Tramuntana is an ideal destination to get to know this mountain range.


Discover natural gems such as Cala en Tió, a hidden cove where steep cliffs plunge into the sea. Enjoy the scenery during a swim stop.

Diving / Snorkeling

An impressive and colorful natural diversity awaits you on the snorkeling tour in the natural park of Sa Dragonera, near Mallorca.


Ensaimadas, sobrasada, cheese, cocas…
Come to Mallorca and enjoy one of the best cuisines in Spain. Browse the markets, visit restaurants and eat on the beach.

Our recommendations:.

  • L’Olivar Market.
  • San Telmo Market.

Discover San Telmo and Dragonera

Beaches and coves

As it could not be otherwise, the coast of San Telmo has beautiful beaches ideal for enjoying endless sunsets among which are Sa Petita, Cala en Basset or Sa Gran.

Cove tower in Basset

Built during the sixteenth century as part of the set of defense towers installed to protect Mallorca from pirate attacks, the Torre de Cala en Basset offers excellent views of the coast and the nearby island of Dragonera.

Natural areas:

San Telmo is surrounded by a coveted natural environment that fortunately is very well preserved, so it offers the perfect opportunity to disconnect in one of the most vegetated areas of the island.

Dragonera Lighthouses

Tramontana Lighthouse; a high point from which you get splendid views of the coast of Mallorca from a distance.

Old Lighthouse; Built in 1850, it is a pleasant balcony that offers bird’s-eye views over Mallorca and the immensity of the Mediterranean.

Llebeig Lighthouse; An old lookout post that was built to protect the territory from the arrival of pirates.